Media and Op-eds

Media and Op-eds

I am a regular contributor to print and broadcast media both in Australia and internationally. Interviews about my research have appeared on the BBC, Huffington Post, ABC and Foreign Affairs, as well as on radio and TV platforms in Australia and overseas. I am available for comment on issues related to my research, or issues related to the Melbourne Free University, which I co-founded and convene.
My research focuses on civil wars and peace processes, in particular, how the international community supports societies as they move from war towards peace, and why these processes often fail to establish stable peace. I'm particularly interested in the negotiation of power during these processes, the role of non-state actors and women, and how the assumptions and behaviours of international interveners affects their capacity and credibility in the countries in which they work.  

Selected Audio

ABC RN Big Ideas: Sexual abuse by UN and non-UN peacekeepers

Broadcast of lecture presented at Monash Gender, Peace and Security

June 2020

Book Launch: Violating Peace

with Dr Helen Durham (ICRC) and Prof. Susan Harris Rimmer (Griffith University)

November 2020

Women in Australian International Affairs

Online launch of AJIA Special Issue on critical analyses in Australian foreign, defence and strategic policy

June 2020

Binge Thinking Podcast: War and Peacekeeping with Jasmine Westendorf.

September 2017

It’s all academic: Interview with Patricia Karvelas on RN Drive about why peace processes often fail.

December 2015

Selected Opinion Pieces

Do no harm: The challenge of transactional sex in humanitarian operations

Humanitarian Alternatives, March 2021.

French translation available here.

Why transactional sex is difficult to stop in the aid sector

The New Humanitarian, 6 October 2020.

Sexual abuse by UN peacekeepers is shocking and shameful. Why does it persist?

ABC News, 15 June 2020

Covid-19 is not the biggest threat to UN peacekeeping

Lowy Interpreter, 18 May 2020

Why Isn’t Sexual Exploitation and Abuse Treated the Same as Gender-Based Violence in Humanitarian Contexts?

(with Alicia Luedke) Peace Research Institute Oslo Blog, 20 November 2017

Connecting Women, Peace and Security, Conflict-Related Sexual Violence and Sexual Exploitation and Abuse in peace operations can improve policy and practice

London School of Economic Center for Women, Peace and Security Blog, 5 October 2017.

Taking in more refugees won’t solve the Syrian crisis

The Age, 10 September 2015.

Proof the internet filter lives on by other means

(with Jem Atahan) ABC The Drum, 16 May 2013.

After the storm, we need to keep talking about Kony

Open Democracy/Open Security, 26 March 2012.

Excluded: The forgotten women of war and peace

The Conversation, 2 November 2011.

More than lip service needed to protect women in war

The Age, 29 October 2011.

Selected Video

A Look at Civil Society and the Cyprus Peace Process on Sigmalive EN, Cypriot TV station.

Politics, power and peace processes at the Developmental Leadership Program conference.

A discussion on research into why peace processes fail after civil war ends. Asking why instability often returns after civil war and why the lives of many people are still defined by violence and mistrust.