I have published a range of peer-reviewed articles and book chapters that explore a few key themes: the role of the international community in peace processes in civil wars, issues of women, peace and security; and sexual exploitation and abuse in peace operations.

Refereed Journal Articles

Women in Australian international affairs
Jasmine Westendorf. & Rebecca Strating, (2020), Australian Journal of International Affairs, Vol 74(3) pp 213-227.
A critical analysis of Australian foreign, defence and strategic policy (introductory essay to a Special Issue)
Jasmine Westendorf. & Rebecca Strating, (2020), Australian Journal of International Affairs, Vol 74(3) pp 208-212.
Peace negotiations in the political marketplace: the implications of women's exclusion in the Sudan-South Sudan peace process

Jasmine Westendorf. (2018), Australian Journal of International Affairs, 72(5), pp. 433-454.

Challenges of Local Ownership: Understanding the Outcomes of the International Community’s ‘Light Footprint’ Approach to the Nepal Peace Process

Jasmine Westendorf (2018), Journal of Intervention and Statebuilding, 12(2), pp. 228-252.

Sexual exploitation and abuse in peace operations: trends, policy responses, and future directions
Jasmine Westendorf & Louise Searle, (2017), International Affairs, 93(2) pp. 365-387. This article won the prize for best article by an Early Career Researcher published in International Affairs in 2017.
Add Women and Stir”: RAMSI and Australia’s implementation of UNSCR 1325
Jasmine Westendorf, (2013), Australian Journal of International Affairs, 67(4) pp. 456-74.

Book Chapters

Women, peace and security and sexual exploitation and abuse in peacekeeping operations

Westendorf, J. (2019) in The Oxford Handbook of Women Peace and Security, Sara E. Davies and Jacqui True (eds), Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp. 222-236.

Violence and the contestation of the state after civil wars

Westendorf, J. (2015), in M. Killingsworth and M. Sussex (eds), Violence and the State, Manchester: Manchester University Press.

Row of UN peacekeeper helmets sitting on top of uniforms

Reports & Working Papers

WPS, Conflict-related Sexual Violence and Sexual Exploitation and Abuse in Peace Operations: Making sense of the missing links

London School of Economic Centre for Women, Peace and Security Working Paper Series, 9/2017.

Discussion Paper: Mapping the impact of sexual exploitation and abuse by interveners in peace operations – pilot project findings 

La Trobe University / Humanitarian Advisory Group, December 2016.

Do no Harm

Arena Magazine, No. 120, Melbourne, Sept-Nov 2012, pp. 30-34.

How to Start a Free University

Co-authored with Gerhard Hoffstaedter and Aurelien Mondon, Melbourne Free University, Melbourne, 2012.

Women, Peace and Security: Moving From Rhetoric to Action

Working Paper 2011/4, Institute for Human Security, La Trobe University, Melbourne, 2011 (51pp)