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Dr Jasmine Westendorf is a Senior Lecturer in International Relations at La Trobe University and a Research Associate at the Developmental Leadership Program.

Her research focuses on civil wars and peace processes, in particular, how the international community supports societies as they move from war towards peace, and why these processes often fail to establish stable peace. She is particularly interested in the negotiation of power during these processes, the role of non-state actors and women, and how the assumptions and behaviours of international interveners affects their capacity and credibility in the countries in which they work.  

Jasmine's first book, "Why Peace Processes Fail: Negotiating Insecurity After Civil War" was published in 2015 by Lynne Rienner Publishers. Her second book, "Violating Peace: Sex, Aid and Peacekeeping" is out now with Cornell University Press.


"Even if there’s no war raging, there are many places where people can’t live with dignity, human rights, or access to health and education." - Dr Jasmine-Kim Westendorf

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Dr Westendorf has published a range of peer-reviewed articles and book chapters that explore a few key themes: the role of the international community in peace processes in civil wars, issues of women, peace and security; and sexual exploitation and abuse in peace operations.

She has also made numerous media appearances discussing issues surrounding peace and post conflict issues.

Dr Westendorf is available for expert consultancy, media comment, and graduate supervision.

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